The first mobile connected dermatoscope

Launching handyscope in 2010, we were the first to combine smartphone technology with a sophisticated tool for skin cancer screening. handyscope converts your iPhone into a digital dermatoscope. It allows you to take brilliant polarized and non-polarized mole pictures of up to 20X magnification. Then you save them in the password protected app. Thus handyscope lifts handheld dermoscopy to a new quality level. A revolution in dermoscopy!


Available for iPhone and iPod touch with iSight camera!

handyscope converts an iPhone or iPod touch into a dermatoscope

A new design for an improved device

Fresh design and new technology made in Germany

When we saw the iPhone 5, we understood that handyscope would take up the thin and light design. FotoFinder developers re-engineered the case and added high-quality brushed aluminum parts. That's how the new model combines a fresh design with entirely new technology. Compact and lightweight, it offers the advantages of polarized and immersion fluid dermoscopy all in one beautiful piece of technology designed and made in Germany.

The new convenience of mole examination

With its TwinLight mode, great optics and ergonomic use, the new handyscope offers a degree of handiness that is unsurpassed in digital dermoscopy. Enjoy the convenience of examining moles on the iPhone screen without the hassle of a conventional dermatoscope. Keep your distance during the skin exam and easily evaluate moles on-screen or show the result to your patient. The smart alternative to conventional handheld dermatoscopes!

Mobile use around the world

Digital dermoscopy in telemedicine

The only device for eDermoscopy

FotoFinder invented eDermoscopy, combining handyscope with the cloud-like FotoFinder Hub web database with extended features for image management and analysis. FotoFinder Hub also provides a unique second opinion service so that handyscope gives you direct access to the best diagnostic quality worldwide. A new era of teledermatology!